Portraits Become the person you were meant to be. With just a couple of reference photos, I can turn you or friend into a character from mythology, pop culture, or literature.These portraits are the perfect gift for any occasion. Not in a crime fighting mood? Normal portraiture is available as well. Pricing will vary by size, and media used.

Alamo City Comic Con

Alamo City Comic Con October 28 - 30, 2016 Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center San Antonio, TX. I will be selling the first issue of “Stormie: Singer. Songwriter. Badass.” and signing copies of "Theatre of the Mind" along with writer Ies von Hebal. Along with signing books, I will be accepting commissions for portraits.


Stormie This is a comic book I have been working on that is finally ready for the masses. "Stormie: Singer. Songwriter. Badass. Stormie chronicles the chaotic life of Stormie Strong, a newly minted pop star whose life is spinning out of control following a recent arrest while on tour. How out of control? First her face is scarred, and then her sponsors start to cut and run. Normally Stormie would turn to her friends but even they might not be able to help when one of them may be a traitor who set her up. And to top things off, she has to deal with the twisted love of a stalker, and a media machine that is reveling in all the wreckage. Can Stormie take the heat? Or will she lose her soul and sanity trying to keep her pitch perfect world together?